What’s an NFT?

An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a fancy way of saying it’s a unique, one of a kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs main function are to be digital art and look cool, some offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites or participation in an event, think of it like a rare piece of art that can also act as a “members” card.

What is Metamask? Metamask is a crypto wallet that can store your Ethereum, and is needed to purchase UDW. Having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address (i.e. 0xABCD….1234), this is where your NFT will be stored. Learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use over here! (https://metamask.io/)

Where does my NFT go after I purchase a UDW?

Your UDW NFT will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase the UDW. You can go to https://urbandesiwomen.art/my-UDW.html, connect your wallet, then redeem your 

High resolution file.

Are UDW a good investment?

That is ultimately a decision for you to make. We believe UDW have a long life ahead of them, and will be an ever growing and evolving project. However the success of UDW relies on so many factors and variables, no one knows! Hopefully UDW go to the moon, but like anything in life, don’t spend money you can’t afford to not have.

THE FUND to support other projects

How will the Fund operate?

It will operate freely but will be open to suggestions and recommendations of its community. We will frequently ask the community’s opinion on specific nfts.

Is it available in my country?

Who will get a print?

We will announce the UDW NFTs tokens IDs that won a print on Discord and the list will also be available on urbandesiwomen.art.

You will be able to redeem your print through a dedicated Discord channel.

How will the Chaanv foundation be supported

Our project manager will observe the donations and help them with progressing in their work. Also updates will be shared on Instagram and twitter